Monday, February 23, 2015

current protocols, snapshot

We are constantly tweaking Dominic's regime, under guidance of a doctor and based upon other things we learn.

Here's what we are doing RIGHT NOW

1.  Footbaths.  The IonCleanse by AMD.  We are 28 footbaths in and have decided this will remain a cornerstone of Dominics (and my) routine.

2.  A Modified version of Kelly Dorfman's dyspraxia protocol.  Everything except the Vitamin E

3.  Endurocell.  This is broccoli sprout powder high in sulfurophanes.

4.  Red Reishi Mushrooms

5.  Adrenal support.  We finally realized the reason that Dominic was getting such dilated pupils at night after his bath was that he was in adrenal fatigue. 

6.  Intestinal support (it changes the pH of the intestines and makes them less hospitable to parasites,etc).

7.  A smattering of legacy supplements that he does very well on:  DMG, D3, L-Carnosine, Lactic acid Yeast, Theralac, oil of oregano, Melatonin.

We are getting ready to add in AdvancedTRS, a nanotechnology innovation containing zeolite, which claims to clean the synapses in the brain. As with all things we have done, we are doing this based on anecdotal stories of healing from other parents.

We also sent of a saliva sample and are getting genetic testing back hopefully within the month. Once we have that roadmapped, we will customizing a specific protocol for Dominic with the wonderful folks at Pathways.

While we are currently taking a break from the CD protocol, it will always remain a tool in our toolbox as there's nothing better for dealing with pathogens.

edited to aedd, we started Advanced TRS on 2-24-15

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Erin said...

Thanks for keeping me up on all the stuff, Joy. So much or there and you have a canny ability of finding it. How long have you been of the CD Protocol?