Thursday, February 12, 2015

he did what????

So yesterday, Dominic's OT told me that she got him to tie his shoes.

And brush his hair 100% independently.

And his speech therapist told me that in the last 6 weeks she's seen a noticable increase in his verbal abilities, particularly with -ing words and plurals. 

Go Team IonCleanse by AMD!!!!

(now I need to go buy him some lace up shoes and start working on these skills at home. He generally wants HELP, so we're going to have to get stern)

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Glenn Wilhelm said...

Joy - I am thrilled to hear about the great strides Dominic is making. We firmly believe that the IonCleanse by AMD ( can help those with ASD make significant gains in their recovery. We thank you for sharing and look forward to future updates.

Glenn Wilhelm
Customer Satisfaction Manager
A Major Difference, Inc.