Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On mandated vaccines....

So many news stories lately pushing mandatory vaccines... encouraging states to pass laws revoking personal and religious exemptions. 

Many of my fellow vaccine injury moms are shaking in their boots having PTSD moments around the idea even of being required to allow someone to give their baby a shot which they already know will further injure them.

To all of you I say start the process of finding someone to sign a medical exemption.  We have one.   And in the state of Colorado, naturopaths can sign the medical exemption form.  I know that chiropractors are soon to be required to offer vaccines which means they also, hopefully, will be able to sign exemptions.   You will have better luck getting that medical exemption from a stand alone doctor vs. a conglomeration.  Rules ya know.  Insurance liability. 

That all said - mandatory vaccination is a Freedom of Religion question because there ARE indeed religions that are against vaccines. It is a libertarian hot button - it takes away our individual freedome over our own bodies.  

If states start passing laws removing all but medical exemptions, I predict lawsuits and a supreme court battle over the infringement of personal liberty.   Which would tie the issue up for YEARS.


Then there's the explosion that will come when those adults who are ALL in favor of all these childhood disease vaccines being given to children realize that they now will be LEGALLY mandated to get boosters of all those shots, plus a large number of their own shots every year.   Maybe when the breadwinners are unable to work anymore because they were brain damaged from vaccines the doctors will stop telling us parents that we're crazy.

Then there's the follow on... if we lose our right to choose what we put in our bodies to heal them (or not), we lose the right to say no to ANY medical procedure.  Don't feel like that colonoscopy this month?  Tough shit, do it anyway.  Can't afford the exact prescription the doctor wants you on - oh well, use a credit card.

The shockwaves from taking away the rights of people over their own (and their children's) bodies would be astronomical.

And that doesn't even get into the nightmare of enforcement

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Maryann said...

I think the ramifications are very far reaching. Forced amniocentesis for every PG. Child shows Down Syndrome? Abortion is required. Won't abort? No insurance coverage.,have Alzheimer's? No longer productive to society? No insurance. No resuscitate orders will be posted. Genetic defects? Forced sterilization. It is coming.