Monday, March 16, 2015

Autism as an Onion

I've been working on this idea of Autism as an onion, with layers that you peel off, only to find a new layer to deal with for a while now.   This is kind of how I envision it.

The inner core is the genetic piece.  Whether its the family history of autoimmune disease or spelled out genetic mutations, its the potential for problems.

Then the next layer is the immediate environment in Mom's womb.  Are there any toxins, antibiotics, flu shot, rhogam, gmo'd food, etc that the fetus is exposed to?  Then birth - again with the toxins, induction, c-section, etc.  Was the baby breastfed or formula fed.  Vaccinated?  All of those are layers.

Then more environment - did you give tylenol, antibiotics, gmo'd food, artificial colors/flavors, paint the house, chemtrails in the air, etc.  All of those add in...

Then, any medical stuff - that may've been done out of sequence or not, trying to get to the bottom.  Sedation for MRI, chelation without a way to detox, etc.

Once anything in the body is out of balance, its vulnerable to pathogens - this is the pathogenic layer, the parasites, yeasts, metals, all growing in biofilm.


So the analogy I heard yesterday is that if Autistic kids are a house, they are a house in shambles and the first thing you do to a house in shambles is clear out the gunk.  Then you repour the foundation, then you rebuild the walls, then  you add the roof.

So we have spent the last 4 years clearing the debris.  The CD protocol cleared off the pathogens.  Now the IonCleanse by AMD footbath has opened a solid detox pathway (oh if only we had had this when we started CD... i strongly suspect we would've made much faster progress), and we are peeling back the layer of the onion now that gets us to the core - the part that we fix so that he heals all the way

its so close I can taste it. :)

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