Friday, April 3, 2015

Hep B / Light it up True April 3

I am so glad we had a midwife when I was pregnant.  While I did end up transferring and delivering in a hospital, we had a plan for just that potential.  Included on that plan, with sign off by a pediatrician in advance (after we interviewed several until we found one that we could work with) were:
No Eye ointment
No Hepatitis B shot
No Circumcision

Then after Dominic was born, he was never left without one of us. Purposefully.

Our pediatrician believed that the eye ointment as a standard of care would probably be gone within a decade. Canadian pediatricians say it doesn't work.   It is still standard of care, and in some states they call CPS if you decline.   I remember as we were leaving the hospital, one of the nurses said to us "when are you going to do his circumcision", and I said "we're not Jewish and there's not a good medical reason to do it" and she turned three shades of red while another nurse (from England) chuckled in the background. 

The hep B shot, though, I'm SO glad we knew enough to put in writing that we didn't want it.  Studies now show that the Hep B Shot in Boys is linked to a three fold increase in autism.    But we still give it.  AT BIRTH.  Explain why are we vaccinating babies for a disease that sexually transmitted and blood borne?  That made no sense to me then and it still doesn't.

Today, we know that the Hep B vaccine is linked to a ton of problems, including SIDS.   Parents, do the work.   And call your legislator so you don't lose the right to make health care choices for your family. 

PS - i'm also over at TMR today talking seasonal allergies and the nonverbal child....

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