Saturday, April 4, 2015

VAERS / Light it up TRUE April 4

Did you know that there's a national database dedicated to keeping track of all vaccine reactions?
Did you know that if your child has a documented reaction of any sort, your pediatrician is supposed to report it to VAERS?

Did you know that its is estimated that only about 1 % of vaccine reactions are actually reported to VAERS?

When we finally traced back Dominic's regression and realized that with only 1 MMR, he was hyper immune to measles (to the point that medical professionals were asking me if he'd actually HAD them and we'd just missed it. How do you miss your kid being covered in a red rash???), no one said anything about reporting it to VAERS.  I don't know if anything would've changed if we had reported his vaccine injury.  By that point we were already outside the statute of limitations to consider a case in vaccine court.  (which is a whole different topic you won't want to get me started on).

I still stand by that crazy theory in the above link, by the way, though the rash on his arm at that time turned out to be ringworm.

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