Sunday, April 5, 2015

the MMR is Deadly // Light it up True April 5

Have you heard much about mickey mouse measles gate lately?  That's because there's really nothing to hear. The "epidemic" quietly died off.  No children died.  No children were permanently disabled.  A number of children got lifetime immunity out of the deal.   In fact, there hasn't been a death attributed to the measles virus in the US in at least a decade. In fact, there never really were very many deaths attributed to the measles.  Lovely work done over here around that.

Did you know that's not the case with the vaccine.  That there are in fact children who die from the Measles vaccine?  Every year. 

Did you know that measles is a rash and a fever, generally milder than chicken pox?

When I was pregnant with Dominic, my midwife told us the that MMR vaccine and the Chicken pox vaccine were created so that parents wouldn't have to take the time off work to appropriately sequester and care for their children with rashes/fevers.   They are economic vaccines, not vaccines that we have to give or we will die a horrible death from a virus. 

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