Friday, May 1, 2015

So. April is over.

I know that my blog posts last month were not my normal fare.  I know that many of them were hard to read, hard to conceptualize.  My goal in posting them all was not to spread awareness.  Awareness and acceptance are not what is needed.

What is needed is ACTION.  Get off your butt and make a difference

What, you say?

Well, here are some ideas:

1.  Make a difference in the life of an autism family you know personally
- offer to babysit so Mom and Dad can have time alone together
- Cook dinner (ask about dietary restrictions first) and have the entire family over
- Gift them with something on their wish list.  For Example,  2 years ago we were gifted with a Sonic toothbrush because Dominic's teeth kept staining from the CD and i just couldn't justify the $60 for a toothbrush because funds were just not there.  One arrived in the mail anonymously.

2.  Make a difference in the life of an autism family you don't know
- Make a donation to TeamTMR's grant program.  100% of funds go to our program and we offer grants for a wide range of needs, including things too alternative for most grant programs to cover.
- Contact one of the places that offers reduced cost services to families and make a donation to them to help cover those services.  An example is Pathways Natural Wellness Center in Denver.
- The next time you see a mom with a child melting down in the grocery store - stop and offer to help.

3.  Make a difference in a family who you have concerns about, but they don't have a diagnosis
- Buy them this book. Or this one.  Or, frankly, ANY of these.

4.  Become political.  Get to know your legislator and let them know you are against legislation that takes any aspect of parental decision making regarding children's health away.

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