Thursday, June 18, 2015

Homeopathy update

So, Dr Kara warned me that we might not hit the right constitutional remedy the first time out of the gate with homeopathy, but I think we did.  With homeopathy, you are looking for gradual shifts.

We did our 3 days last week.  We expect the results to sink in over another few weeks.

Immediately, we noticed that Dominic was really tired - leaving camp exhausted, kind of zombie ish during OT and ST on Wed and Thurs, and going to bed with no arguing (and no melatonin!) by 7 or earlier (tonight he went down at 6:40!).  And having a super hard time getting up in the morning.  This started right away with the remedy and has continued.

Those are all fairly significant changes.  Every other summer, camp has been unable to wear him out. 

Its almost like the constitutional remedy has toned his hyper WAY down.  Its fascinating to me. :)


In other news look at the AWESOME fathers day card he made at OT today.  :)  He did all the cutting, lacing and writing himself, as well as sticking the stickers on.

Daddy is Beside Himself Thrilled. 

And he randomly spelled Dinosaur this morning.  I  will try to catch it on video tomorrow.  :)

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