Monday, July 20, 2015


I've blogged many times about the friends that I've made in the autism community and how amazing the support is.  This week my BFF has been in town - who is another autism mom that I met a few years ago and we've been having a fantastic time.

We went hiking yesterday with Dominic and the dogs at the park right up the street.

First stop - best view in the middle of the city:

Obligatory selfie:

Dominic planking on some rocks after both of us did.  Note the horsies he usually carries in his hands are in his mouth so he could accomplish this. Shanti is not entirely sure what to make of this spectacle.

This was the view for the majority of the hike.  Dominic led the way with the dog. I did keep swapping between Kama and Shanti because Shanti is kind of elderly to be running trails. Dominic probably did double the steps I did because he kept getting way far ahead and I kept calling him back.

Funniest moment of the hike - Dominic tripped and skinned his hand catching himself, very mildly.  My friend piped up with "Man up, Dominic" and clear as day, with a hilarious expression, Dominic announced "OKAY" and headed back up the trail.

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