Saturday, July 18, 2015

People!!! A giant huge first!!!

So many years ago, my brother in law gave Dominic this book themed from the CARS movie where you have to find things in a picture.  Very much a pre-reader book.  Dominic loves the movie CARS, but would never pay attention to more than the first page where he could point out his favorites, the tractors that moo. (seriously, see the movie)

Last night this CARS book was the one that Dominic wanted me to read to him.  I didn't expect much.

He suprised me.

He attended to the ENTIRE book.  He found EVERY single thing (there's a page that has different kinds of tires in Luigi's shop, for example), and he stuck with it for the entire book.

HUGE GIANT FIRST!!!  He paid attention.  No distractions.  It was actually enjoyable to sit with him and actually read through the book instead of spending the time trying to get his attention.

I am entirely blown away.

And, yet another sign that he is *almost* reading.

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