Saturday, September 19, 2015

I emailed The Donald.

And this is what it said.  I'll let you know if he writes back.While I was at it, i sent slightly adjusted versions to Dr Carson and Senator Paul. 

Thank you for having the courage and integrity to speak the truth about vaccines and autism.

My son has regressive autism.  He regressed shortly after his third birthday.  He went from speaking in sentances and playing like a normal healthy child to not.

He's 10 now.  I'm out over a quarter of a million dollars OUT OF POCKET for therapies and biomedical protocols that have helped, but its been slow going.  (and my health insurance has paid probably triple that)

We recently did a full genetic profile that showed he is genetically incapable of  processing vaccines.  What I want to know is if I as a parent spend $99 to spit in a test tube in and learn this are we not screening ALL newborns for the genetic mutations (MTHFR, CBS, COMT) that would indicate they react negatively to vaccines?  Why are parents leading the way?  The answer is, of course, that the CDC is riddled with fraud, in bed with the pharmaceutical industry (Julie Gerberding's career change, anyone?) and afraid that admitting a one size fits all approach for vaccines doesn't work will get them fired.

Further, with states MANDATING vaccines now (see California SB277) to go to school, I believe we will see a huge increase in kindergartners and seventh graders regressing into autism. I am imploring you to please ask the hard questions about fraud, about the CDC Whistleblower who as admitted they falsified studies showing autism prevalence in African American babies, and about the fact that there are NO studies showing safety of the current vaccine schedule.  I want to know why the US Government is letting an industry with no tort protection have free rein.

I also predict adult mandates will lead to a huge increase in parkinsons and alzheimers.

Thank you so much for not following the invisible "do not discuss" memo we all know the debates give you guys.

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