Monday, September 7, 2015


Things that he does while he eats now that the TV isn't on.

Seriously - its been over a week since the TV upstairs has been turned on.

He was so funny yesterday.  This new diet has been stretching my imagination, so i was thrilled ot find breakfast sausage made from bison the other day. I sauteed that with onions and spinach and then put it into fuffin cups and covered with egg.   He liked the filling so much he at a bowl full of it for a snack.

The had an apple and went outside to swing

When he came back in, he informed me he wanted egg cups and potato heads for dinner.  Potato heads are where i slice up an already baked potato and fry until crispy in olive oil. yum.   When asked why he wanted egg cups for dinner, he very clearly said "yunmy yummy good"

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