Saturday, September 5, 2015

No rainbows or Unicorns

this is disgraceful.
Its also got to change.
we are well on our way to 50% of the pediatric population being affected by autism.

Autism of the 15 year old in diapers wearing a helmet and attacking caregivers autism.
Autism of the cannot be out of sight of a caregiver 7x24.
Autism of the severe self injurious kind.
Autism with seizures. 

There are no rainbow and unicorns to make this picture better.  Autism is NOT a personality quirk.

We as a culture have our heads in the sand while a tsumani of aggressive, medically ill children are coming of age - and we have nowhere to turn for help.  This is NOT a case of better diagnoses of something that was always there.  This is NOT a case of "current fad", in fact the latest revisions to the DSM were done so specifically to reduce the numbers of diagnoses.  Thats not oging to change the existence of a plethora of disabled children on their way to adulthood.  This is an epidemic

I hear stories, heartbreaking stories, every day.  And while we are on the road to recovery, filling in pieces like crazy, so many people aren't.  So many parents listen to the pediatrician that tells them they can do nothing.  So many parents gravitate towards the neurodiversity movement because it somehow makes them less responsible, feel less guilty for not being able to afford the big stuff.  So many children get their medical needs overlooked in the "autism" envelope.

Its disgraceful.

Get mad.
Do something.

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