Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This and That

Catch up post....

The weekend was a long weekend, no school Friday or Monday.  Dominic had  a fantastic time playing outside for most of it.  he's finally loving swinging. It took him long enough to learn that now his most favorite thing ever is to get way high. I'm thrilled he's mastered this skill.  He is doing ridiculously well with minimal to no television and zero video games.  Its astonishing. I really expected him to just turn the TV on, but he seems to "get" that i'll just turn it right back off.


We had the second and final vision therapy deep dive evaluation yesterday.  Dominic played with blocks, drew shapes and lines, and did the 3D TV.  The most interesting part of the appointment was the OD telling us that Daddy has a convergence insufficiency and midline shift that are potentially causing the horrible headaches he's had since the car accident in 2014.   And that he can fix it with therapy.  So we'll be getting that formally underway.  He also said that I don't relax my eyes.  Imagine that.   Next Monday we have our parent meeting and get the treatment plan, and we've already got an acceptable time slot for Dominic's vision therapy.


Note from school that came home today "He had a great day - I think he has a crush on one of the 3rd graders.  He gets absolutely giggly when she comes in the room when he's here - YIKES".  Well, he is 10.  We have not started the physical transformation of puberty but I know it will be knocking on the door any minute.   We think its adorable that he's got a crush.


We put up the Halloween decorations for the first time in 9 years.  And Dominic LOVES them.  No signs of being aggressive with them.  It was like seeing old friends. :)


I'm leaving Very Early Friday morning to head to Dallas to Generation Rescue's Autism Education Summit.  I will be spending a lot of time working the AMD booth, and telling our story at their presentation, but expect to have some time to go to a few of the presentations I want to see and will be sociable in the evenings.  I might even wear a dress on Saturday for the dinner and that happens rarely enough ya'll should be looking out for lightening strikes.   Come see me if you're at the conference this weekend. 

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