Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fire Station tour

We almost didn't go.
Dominic had a HORRIBLE therapy session from 4-5 (tears, non compliance, running off, throwing a fit that the waiting room was not how he wanted it, etc), and I almost cancelled the visit.

I'm really glad I didn't.  Turns out he was in a mess at therapy because he was so excited about scouts.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that we are sticking to this.  He's really enjoying himself.  Daddy and I are kind of handing off the actual going along part because he is NOWHERE near ready to be dropped off.  It's so sweet to see him interacting with his peers.

Here he is super excited just to be in the room with a FIRE TRUCK.  Well. Fire Engine, we were corrected.

Listening to a safety presentation.

All the boys in the troop with FireFighter John who gamely put on all his gear.

We were almost last in line to get to SIT in the truck.  He waited beautifully and totally thought that was AWESOME.

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