Monday, November 16, 2015

The toothfairy

Dominic is 10.

He's lost 4 baby teeth naturally and had a handful pulled under anesthesia.

He has never been cognizant of the process of losing  the tooth - and most of those that he lost, he came home with a hole, and no tooth.

We've never even entertained the thought of a toothfairy tradition because he simply didn't get the concept.  

The last few days he has had a very loose tooth.   I told him that if he brought me his tooth, the toothfairy would give him a present.  He got very excited. He likes presents. Alot.   I went to ToysRUs the other day and picked up a couple of small little gifts and we're all ready.

I got this in an email from his teacher a few minutes ago....
Well…his tooth came out. There was a dentist here at school and I asked her to look at it cuz it was just hanging by a thread. She wiggled it and out it came. He was so calm with her….It’s in a container in his backpack.

I've wrapped a toy up and i'm all ready to play toothfairy.  Watch for pics and hopefully video.....
Gonna wing it.  He's got to give me the tooth to get the present.....


Edited to add!!!!!!!


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