Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cute story from this morning

Today was one of  THOSE days.
I knew it was going to be about 3 minutes after my alarm went off at 445am so I could walk on the treadmill.
I could smell it.

Dog poop.

From Kama’s crate, in Dominic’s room.

Daddy had gotten up and let Kama out in the middle of the night, but apparently he’s got a sore tummy (yes Vet friends, I wormed him after I cleaned up).  At least this time it was contained to the crate and dog.
When I opened the crate, he BOOTED outside, so clearly there was more coming.

I sighed, pulled all his bedding out of his crate, and started laundry.  Then I got the papertowels and 409, took the crate apart and started scrubbing.  At  some point, Kama came back inside, and I sequestered him in the bathroom so he didn’t get anything on the furniture.

I told Dominic – who by now was wide awake and concerned “make sure he stays in there, I’m going to give him a bath when I finish his crate”.

I finished cleaning the crate and headed for the bathroom, giving up on my morning treadmill and deciding to just wash the dog in the shower and get started on my day sans exercise.   When I opened the door, Dominic had taken off Kama’s collar, put him in the shower, started the water, and was outside the shower trying to figure out what to do next.  Kama was looking confused.  

I’m really loving the increased cognition we’re seeing from Dominic even as it turns up in the strangest of places.

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