Wednesday, December 16, 2015

IonCleanse by AMD – written at the almost 1 year in mark.

When we started the IonCleanse by AMD,  we were coming off of YEARS of heavy protocols.   Most specific to this conversation is when we started the IonCleanse by AMD, we were still doing the CD protocol, which for those who are unaware is a protocol around killing off pathogens – it makes things die.  

We started to notice NUANCES of gains in the first month of the footbaths – we were doing the company recommended 30 minutes every other day.   We were also seeing lots of increases in self stimulatory behaviors, self injurious behaviors, and overall hyperness.   There were a few gains that first month, including a massive 16 point ATEC drop. 

We stopped the CD protocol early in the second month somewhat accidentally – my boss was in town for a weeks worth of meetings and due to childcare and other issues Dominic didn’t get doses for a few days.  So I decided to see what would happen if we just stopped.  So we did, thinking we’d start back up if we needed to.  We never saw a need to. 

And Month 2 on the IonCleanse we got a LOT more improvement.  At that point we were doing only the IonCleanse by aMD, an antifungal (candex), a probiotic, fish oil, Vitamin D and minerals.    We stayed with that for Month 3, essentially the very baseline of supplements for my son and again he made HUGE improvements in month 3.

Month 4, we did a 23andMe genetic panel and started some very basic supplements to support his genetic mutations.  Carefully planning each move, we spent nearly 6 months changing his protocol from the above to supplements that support his mutations – added in VERY slowly.  Yes, I’ve tried a number of the new protocols that have come out – kept a couple of them in our regime and discarded most of them.

Here is what I have learned this year.

The IonCleanse by AMD is the single most powerful detox protocol  I’ve ever used or seen and it should be the ONLY detox protocol used when it is used or you really will push into herxheimer land.  Do not stack detox protocols – if you’re going to do the IonCleanse by AMD, give it a true test and have it be the only detox protocol you use for at least the 60 day evaluation window.  (this means don’t do chelation, don’t do Epsom salt baths, don’t do baking soda baths, etc – for the first few months while those detox channels are being created and start to clear out years of built up toxins).

With the IonCleanse by AMD  - supplementation wise – LESS IS MORE.   If I could give myself of 1 year ago one piece of advise it would’ve been to drop ALL supplements except the multimineral and the fish oil for the first 4 months and truly let my son’s body detox out the layers of garbage all the supplements over all those years with no open detox pathways caused.   Take a look – an honest look – at the supplements on your counter from various sources.  How many of them are due to deficiencies in the methylation and detox cycles (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you have some studying to do).  If they are – consider setting them aside for a few months because the IC will make that detox process happen and you don’t have to pour money down your kids throat in the form of supplements.    ***every child is going to have a different set of true basics that keep them stable***.  The other thing we’re seeing is those supplements are in some cases impeding the detox work.  Seriously consider stripping back to basics.

It takes as many shovels of dirt to fill a hole as it took to empty it.  That means – this is not an overnight fix. YES – with the timing tweaking we’ve done and the experience we now have lots of kids see quick ATEC drops.  This is still a marathon.  We have proven that older kids can get better – that there is no longer a window of recovery.  So because of that I say – RELAX already –  give it the solid 2 months trial and then redo the atec and see what you see.  Stop obsessing over not seeing improvements in the first 2 weeks, or even month.  Honestly – if I went based on the first 2 weeks and the negatives we saw, I wouldn’t have kept the machine.  STICK IT OUT.  At least to the 60 day mark, giving an HONEST try to the detox schedule.

The IonCleanse by AMD is not for every single kid.  There are some kids who don’t do well on it, and it is contraindicated in the case of the child being on any medication that requires a stable level in the blood (prescription seizure meds, blood thinners, etc).  The only way to know if its going to be a help for your child is to try it.  We are so grateful for AMD for their 60 day money back guarantee because it means everyone can try it and can be able to return if their kiddo doesn’t do well.


Anonymous said...

So you don't recommend CD at all? We've only seen good results with the enemas but they are quite helpful. Still thinking of buying a foot bath...

Joy Whitcomb said...

CD is a great, broadly available antipathogen. If you are dealing with pathogens its a good tool.
I will tell you we ended our time on CD 10 points higher in ATEC than when we started and we are still counted as a recovery - we went 20 - down to a 9 at the lowest on CD - back up to a 29. So there's a time whne its appropriate to reconsider course.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. I have mixed feelings about CD. In some ways I felt like they were censuring everything anyone said. (So much so, actually, that it made me realize that my religion does this very same thing. This put me into a tailspin that turned my life upside down. If you know anyone who's ever left a "only true" religion, you will know this is a huge deal. Probably the hugest of my life. But anyway, this was 100% due to censuring on the CD facebook group that got me applying it to other areas of my life.) The funny thing is, my daughter's moods are so much better when we do bi-weekly enemas. I mean, she turns into an out of control monster. But she's sweet as can be if we do the enemas (and she poops otherwise so it's not just that). We have been long stretches without enemas and long stretches with, and it always works. So then I'm left wondering, is it actually healing us? Does it also kill good bacteria? I am very interested in the IonCleanse, but really I felt like the testimonials on the CD facebook group were more often and were more powerful. I just don't know which way to turn now. Is CD harmful? I don't like that they still count someone as recovered if his ATEC is higher. Do they know his ATEC is higher? And they know you stopped it?

Joy Whitcomb said...

please email me at and i will go more into things.