Monday, March 21, 2016

I'm Cute!!!

One of my fondest pre-regression memory of Dominic is him, at around  2 or so,  sliding down his little indoor slide, and Squealing “I’m CUTE” at the end. 

Its been many years since I heard him acknowledge anything about his looks.

We are on spring break this week and using the time to monitor some protocol tweaking that we started Friday after school.  We are also going to take the opportunity to do a pulse of  footbath intensity.  

This morning, I was on a 7am conference call and Dominic came to ask me to help him with his hair.    After I helped, he looked in the mirror and said “Cute”.  Of course, I made him say it all again in sentence form (“I am Cute”)

Its been easily 8 years since he acknowledged his adorableness. 

And, completely unrelated, here’s his most recent school picture.  Its easily the best picture the school has ever taken of him.

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