Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tales from home based OT - 9 March

I believe we are starting to see the effects of the Dyspraxia protocol we started back up Feb 14 kick in, after a few weeks of a LOT of verbal stimming (seriously, I wanted to pull my hair out from the stimming.  But we stayed the course and are finally seeing some shifts).

Yesterday was Dominic's 60 day OT re-eval with Miss Ashley.  So she asked that I have him in the footbath while she did paperwork and she had him make me a flower with the tiny little beads (fine motor practice on steriods - i have a hard time with this thing)

I made myself a snack of popcorn and Dominic said "Popcorn".  I redirected with - "Nope, you need to use all your words", and he said "I NEED popcorn, Mommy, PLEASE".  Ashley and I burst out laughing with the NEED part and I made him some too.

This next one requires a bit of back story  - I know I've posted some videos of Dominic singing along with his disney movies and of Miss Ashley playing disney songs on her phone while he works with her and him trying to sing.  So yesterday, while he was making me the flower, he looked at Ashley and said "I Sing?", and took her phone.  So she started him some disney songs. 

He ASKED to sing, people.

This morning, I found my phone myseriously playing music that I didn't select.  He had turned it on.

Big changes around here.  Today Ashley is going to help us set up a chore system which will pull together the things we've taught him the last couple of months and hopefully get him doing them completely independently (vacuuming, laundry, picking up dog poop, dishes, etc)

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