Friday, April 8, 2016

Changing boundaries

Because of where our house is located (4 houses away from a very busy major road), we simply do not allow Dominic to be in the front yard unless its a transitional thing (eg, transitioning to car, bus, etc).  We don't play in the front, we don't do anything in the front.   The backyard has a swingset, trampoline AND 6 foot fence.  Much safer.

With the addition of the GPS tracker and a willing accomplice (speech therapist), Dominic spent 45 minutes doing therapy outside at Daddy's suggestion yesterday.  

He did really well.  She told me as she was leaving that now he is scripting whole sentences in anticipation of hearing them (she uses Finding Nemo as a tool to get back and forth speech).  So its not echoic, now its scripted.  And its 4-5 words.  This is a huge step for him.

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