Monday, May 30, 2016

Annual autism one post

This was my fourth trip to autism one in Chicago.  It was my first working for an exhibitor which made it a very different show - no staying out late because work started at 7:30am.   It was amazing to see my autism mama sisters - we only get usually once or twice a year to Visit.   It's also awesome to make new friends.  I wanted to share a couple of stories mostly for my own memory.  

The first morning we were there, my roommate and I were eating breakfast at the hotel cafe, talking about the things we always talk about - methylation, detox, die off, poop, etc.  the woman sitting with her back to us in the booth beside us came over and told us that we had her in tears - it was her first autism conference and she was from abroad, and she was weeping because she realized she found her people.  Of course we had her join us and we visited.  She is one of us.  That was the beginning of the waterworks for me

I talked to countless families as I washed their feet over the course of the 5 day conference.   Brand new ones with the deer in the headlights look all the way to decades long veterans.  I told our story until I lost my voice.  I made a huge number of new friends.  We renamed the conference to our annual family reunion.   I met the leading researcher in the world speaking about vaccine danger,
Dr Tetyana Obukhanych and totally fangirled.

One night the Team TMR gals who were around went to dinner and we discovered that our waitress had a 3 year old who was still not talking or potty trained.  Her docs told her it was because they are a bilingual home and she didn't read to him enough. We dropped a real big truth bomb on her.  That is not normal. 

One mom with 2 older boys came to do a footbath. Her teenagers are entirely nonverbal.  We cried together at the footbath booth.  

We met a mother whose daughter died from the hpv vaccine

I met and washed the feet of Maryanne Godboldo - a hero to many of us.  She is a tiny little lady who shoved a refrigerator against her door because the police had come with a swat team and a tank to take her 11 year daughter away from her because she declined to medicate her with medication that was making her sick.  TMR gave Maryanne the first annual warrior mom award.  And I held her hands and told her we are her people, and we will help her. Her now 18 year old daughter is very sick from the many vaccines and medications the state gave her while she was out of her mothers custody.  We talked about how now we know many of the things that were just quirky in her nieces and nephews were actually vaccine injuries. 

I purposely waited to see the movie VaxXed until Autism One because I knew I would be an emotional mess.  I was very right - it was one of the most cathartic nights of my life and I want everyone reading this to find a way to watch it.  The crowd heckled, cheered and sobbed our
Way through the movie.  

The Most powerful moment of VaxXed for me was right after, at the start of the q and a, when Del Bigtree had everyone stand who had a family member injured by vaccines (99% of a standing room Only venue that had at least 800 chairs stood) and apologized to us on behalf of the media covering medical issues.  Every single person in range Of me, including myself, immediately burst into tears. This was after sobbing my way through the movie holding the hands of my sisters.

Some miscellaneous photos of the TMR ladies in Chicago...

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