Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hello May.

April is over.  Usually this is the time where I say "enough with the awareness, lets get some action".  This year has been different.

this is the year of VaxXed.  The documentary that delves into the massive amount of fraud at the CDC, explains the #cdcwhistleblower issues and is going CRAZY at box offices.  Robert DeNiro originally accepted it for screening at the tribecca film festival, at which it would've been screened one time for a small audience and probably would've gone to DVD after.  Then, under pressure from pharma - they pulled it.  And the internet blew up.  The film has been playing all month all around the country.  Except Houston, where it got censored as well.  Let me tell you - you want Americans to go see a movie?  Tell them they aren't allowed to.  I keep pinching myself as I see reviews from journalists who were formerly very condescending to parents who said they saw their child regress after vaccines.

We have had a grassroots presence, mom to mom, for years.  Now the discussion is changing and happening at a higher level.

Amazing articles  from people, educated doctor type people, who have changed their views on vaccines are popping up everywhere.

The Fricking United Nations had an afternoon conference on childhood toxicity at which the #cdcwhistleblower was discussed.,

The tide is turning.  Things are shifting.  The conversations are happening!!!!  We are watching history.

Get yourself to a VaxXed screening and listen carefully.  Listen critically.  THINK.  MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS, you are a human being with a brain, not a sheep.  You have autonomy over your body and bodies of your children.  And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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