Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Camp Update....

Dominic is really shining this year in camp. I've been ridiculously pleased.  This was my facebook update yesterday in one of my groups

"When I dropped my 11 year old at camp this morning i bumped into a long time friend of mine whose girls go to the same program. She told me about interactions D has had with both her girls - one where he and her older daughter were reading together and the other where her younger daughter was jealous of his lunch (cracked me up, to be honest because i have to get really creative to avoid all the food allergies. he had mini homemade gfcfsf organic cornd dogs, nitrate free bacon wrapped asparagus, and mango chunks).
We are doing camp specifically to boost social skills, and I have to say that this summer has been his best yet"

Then said friend sent me this text last night after I'd gone to sleep - it absolutely made my day.  She and I will be nurturing this relationship and attempting to do camp carryover get togethers in the fall to keep the friendships blossoming.

"An Evening Y report from   She and Dominic played and played and played chase, made a slinky and ninja's with pipe cleaners (apparently she gave one to him and showed him how to make his own), and she said he's such and sweet and fun kid"

Absolutely made my morning. 

Almost every time I pick Dominic up, the staff tells me he's had a great day.  They've told me his swimming skills are getting better, and the only rough days seem to be around losing his little fidgets.  We try to not allow that to happen.

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