Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tales from Home Based Therapy - Transition week

Dominic is always pretty tired the first week of summer camp.  Its because they are ACTIVE all day, as opposed to sitting and working like at school.  So we always know that the first week is going to be rough for after-camp therapies because he's just cooked.

On Wednesday, he had speech therapy after camp.  He was not loving it.  I also was in the room because I was doing my own footbath and thats where the footbath chair is.   He does better without me in the room because he's forever looking at me to gauge my reaction to what he's doing as opposed to focusing on what he's supposed to do.

Miss Sarah has a cool 2 part system that works very well in motivating Dominic to stay on task and to follow directions.  The first part is the visual schedule - 3 activities and a reward.  They cross each activity off as it completes, then he gets a 3 minute reward that usually he chooses to watch Finding Nemo on her laptop.    The second piece is a laminated paper with 10 circles on it. If he doesn't follow direction, is non compliants, etc, he gets a sad face.  10 sad faces and he doesn't get his reward.

Wednesday he got the most sad faces ever - 5.   The hysterical part is that every time Sarah's back was turned, Dominic licked his finger and erased sad faces.  The other hilarious thing is he turned off the timer that was limiting his time with Nemo.   The higher level executive function (and downright mischievousness) that shows gives me so much hope.

Here's a quick video from what was not a great speech session.  And Look how good it is.

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