Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Went to the Pediatrician's office today...

No, not for Dominic.  We see a family practitioner for Dominic.  She's very reasonable, NEVER has pushed me once about vaccines, and I adore her.  Pediatricians ... well, they're pretty much owned by the AAP, and they have monetary incentives tied to how many vaccines they give a baby by the time they are 2.  Its nauseating.

We have somewhat adopted a younger couple (early 20's), who have a baby.  They did some initial vaccines, but were bullied and stopped.  She asked me to with her today to a new doctor (their second visit) because she was concerned about being bullied about vaccines.  At her first visit, this doctor apparently presented her with a book from the CDC about vaccines. (yes, i will do my best to get my hands on it).

First words out of Mom's mouth when I picked her up and asked were, i don't want him to get shots today.  I said "Then he won't".

Appointment went like this.

MA brings us back to the room, we strip the baby, they weigh and measure.  Then she comes back in and starts talking about vaccines this time.  To which I said "She will be exercising her right to a philosophical exemption today".   MA Said "you're kidding, right".  I gave her what is known as the Joy Death Stare.  I was not kidding.

The doctor took longer than usual to come in.  I suspect the MA was briefing her on the crazy woman wearing a Thinking Moms Revolution shirt in the room with the young mom.

The doc came in, really wanted to know who I was.  I'm the ride, and the mentor.  She proceeded to talk food, weight, measurements, listened to the baby, and then brought up shots.   As she was going through the paperwork these words came out of her mouth "In order to go to school, he's required to have all of these except Hep A".  I piped up from the corner "Actually, that's not true, in the state of Colorado, the law says that all the school needs is a signed philosophical  exemption for whichever she chooses not to do"

I got a really dirty look.  And then she said "well, yes, i guess they are only required if you don't have an exemption"

When it was all said and done, I did leave the doctor with a copy of this document that the VaxXed legal team has created. I didn't ask her to sign it because she didn't threaten to fire this family for choosing to delay / space out / pick and choose shots.  But I left it with her as something to think about.  She made the statement that she personally believes in vaccines and has vaccinated her children and I could not help but flash back to this moment at A1 during the Q and A where Del made his statement about how belief in something makes it a religion, not a science.

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