Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I'm again woefully behind in Dominic updates, I apologize.  Life has been ridiculously busy.

The day after I posted last about Dominic and family game night, when he came home from school, he asked to play Don't Break The Ice again.  This time he played with Tim, our roommate, and had a wonderful time.  Look at the interaction, the turn taking, and the FUN on this child's face:

We did start ioncleanse by AMD footbaths back up on a regular schedule as the undereye circles (liver congestion) are back, and he's been having some skin eruptions.  So we'll get those back under control right quick. 

Last week we had a nice parent teacher conversation with Dominic's SPED coordinator, in which we collaborated on a number of things.  She was so concerned we were going to be disappointed that he hasn't met any of the IEP goals from last year - she was quite surprised when we advised her that in his entire IEP history he's never actually met a goal in the time provided. It was eyeopening for her.   She was thrilled to hear about the games AND to see the video above - so she decided to try including him in games.  Look what she emailed me yesterday:

Given that her biggest concern for Dominic is that he be able to work in a group, follow group instructions, etc - she is over the moon.  I'm excited about the potential here too.

We are now up to the following questions EVERY morning - and he knows the answers.  If he's focused and not mad at me, he can asnwer every one of these without cue or correction:
Whats your Name
Whats Mommy's NAme
Whats Daddy's Name
Whats your Last Name
Whats your teacher's Name
Where you do live (street address)
How old are you
Where do you go to school

We are also working on "What day is today" and "What day is tomorrow" and "What city do you live in", which he gets about 50% of the time.  I also will throw in asking the dogs names.   We are trying to rotate the questions around into random order so that he actually listens to the whole thing before answering.

The next biggie we need to do is going to be the home phone number.  We are working with Speech Therapy to figure out the best way to get him to learn it.

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