Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Game night

We have started something new. We hope that it will become a tradition and that it will really help Dominic's progress. We have started family game/craft night once a week. Last week we made crafts which will be sent out as Christmas presents so I hope those of you on my list are totally game for a really bizarre presents that were homemade from Dominic. This week we decided to play a game.  Dominic selected the game don't break the ice instead of the game Candyland when given the choice. So we played probably eight or nine rounds of it. 

He was in ordinately giggly and silly tonight and I did end up giving him activated charcoal because we suspect he may of had a food infraction  at school. But he hung tight, he focused, he interacted, he talked to us. It's been absolutely astonishing. I wasn't sure we would ever get this kind of interaction as a family and tonight we got it. So we're going to be making this a once a week kind of event. And if anyone's wondering what Dominic might like for Christmas I'm thinking board games  (he has candy land, chutes and ladders, and don't break the ice) that are  on the earlier side of age ranges.  

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Isabel said...

This is wonderful! How amazing Dominic! so proud of you!