Friday, October 14, 2016

Tales from homebased therapy - FUA Friday!

 Today has been a very good day for Dominic. I got the following email from his school teacher, which is just another in a line of really nice notes talking about how he's doing with socialization, following directions, and interacting with peers and other teachers. It makes me tremendously relieved because as you all know we had considered keeping him in elementary school for one more year.


Then, he had occupational therapy with Mr. Jonny. Tonight we did things just a little bit differently, we had him do his handwriting and other work before he went outside to do gross motor on the bicycle. At one point, I was sitting in the living room and listening to Jonny and Dominic in the dining room and Dominic piped up and said to Jonny "I can read". Dominic then got up from the table, darted downstairs to his bedroom, and retrieved a book. He took the book to Jonny at the table and attempted to read it to him. The book was not surprisingly Duck on a Bike. The very fact that he was so excited to ride his bike that he went and got the book about the Doc riding the bike and then wanted desperately to read it to Johnny is huge. He focused on the entire book, actually copied some sentences out to work on handwriting and then went outside to ride his bike. Jonny said to me that Dominic did really well on the bike - he was going fast at the flat stretch of road at the top of our hill and as soon as Jonny told him to stop the brakes went on. Jonny is says he's doing well enough that Jonny is bringing his bike on Sunday and they will ride together so that's both terrifying and exciting that he is to that point of independence. He did wobble a bit and was able to get his balance although he does still have the big old training wheels on their

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