Thursday, November 3, 2016

Triennial IEP....

Every three years, the school district reevaluates Dominic for disability and related services.  In no shock whatsoever they re qualified him for all services he currently receives.  In a moment of hilarity, the Speech therapist realized she was his ST in preschool forever ago.  "he's really grown" she said. Yeah. we know. 

Anywho.  The tone of the meeting was interesting.  I feel like the creative solutions were coming wholly from us.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, and multiple times they commented on how much they enjoy working with us (they haven't made me angry yet.... lol).  I also felt like they were much less defensive than the elementary ones felt.  Which is interesting.   The big goal is to create an independent human being.

Goals for the next year are actually going to be possible to meet, I think.  Normally they're HUGE and hard to do.  They included reading CCVC and CVCC words at 85% accuracy; doing addition and subtraction up to 20 at 85%; being able to participate verbally in a group setting with peers, being able to do group work in a setting, and the like. 

They will be incorporating Dominic's input into his visual schedule each morning - something thats been highly successful in home based setting in an effort to make transitioning easier.

good stuff.  I'm pleased with the team on board. 

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