Monday, December 5, 2016

staying on our toes...

First - apologies that its been a month since I last updated, a fact my mother pointed out over the weekend.  Ooops.  We've been a bit busy.

We were planning on doing the second round of hermetic homeopathy, but things got weird the beginning of November and with the help of our local chiropractor, we realized that Dominic was dealing with a low to mid grade intestinal bacterial infection.  We managed that (oh the air is SO MUCH CLEARER) with homeopathy and as a result didn't start HH.  Also, I realized that for some reason I wasn't eager to start.  My gut was saying "no, not right now".   After discussion and brainstorming with a few moms who are incredibly intuitive and very good at muscle testing the consensus was its just not the right time to do another round of HH.  Instead we've started back up a regime of 2 supplements specifically geared at increasing left-right brain processing, oxygenating the brain, and supporting mood.  They are young living's MindWise and a nifty supplement called Get Smart that we've used before.  We are a month into MindWise and 2 weeks into Get Smart and I am THRILLED to report that we're seeing nice cognitive gains, and not so thrilled to report - glimmers of teenagerhood.

We also Thanksgiving week switched his drinking water from filtered tap to Fiji because of the  electrolyte and silica concentration.  I'm getting it delivered in bulk from Amazon. Its an experiment in the sense that lots of kids on the spectrum respond well to it.  Silica is a chelator. 

The mischief has ratcheted up - and I don't know why he's doing this, it could be a visual stim or it could just be being a turkey.   A few days after we started with Fiji water,  I was getting ready to retire for the night and couldn't figure out why my counter was soaking wet, and realized that 5 of the 6 bottles in the small 6pack sitting on my counter had been punctured and were randomly leaking. I lose my mind and dump all the water, convinced we've been poisoned. I leave a nasty review on amazon, get it all cleaned up, make sure no more bottles leak and go to bed. This morning after I've been puttering around in the kitchen, i see Dominic with a thumb tack out of the corner of my eye.  We have had to hide all the fiji water bottles AND all the thumb tacks. 

On the other hand, he accidentally broke my favorite giant coffee cup with owls on it tonight and not only apologzied profusely, was really genuinely upset and appropriately behaving about it.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we had probably the mellowest, calmest one ever, and thats likely because we had no guests.  It was only those of us living here and thats an absolute first - we tend to invite everyone so to do it low key was incredibly nice.

School reports that Dominic's made a fast friend and I've given permission to be put in touch with said friends parents so perhaps we can encourage the friendship.

Its been a busy month, and its not going to get any less busy, but I will try to update a bit more frequently.

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