Sunday, March 12, 2017

Climb rocks!!

Dominic loves to go hiking. We have a great park for this just a few blocks from our house, but we live in Colorado and its supposedly still winter.  Colorado apparently missed that memo because it was tshirt and shorts weather this weekend and we had arranged to go hiking with Jonny and Jonny's girlfriend Hannah.

I made the rookie mistake of letting Dominic know on Monday that we would be going hiking on Friday.  All week long he preserverated on the phrase "climb rocks".  I had told him he could bring one dog with us, and he picked Kama.  As we were getting ready to go, Shanti got super excited too and I decided last minute to bring him. I halfway thought that I'd be carrying him the last bit (he is 13 now you know), but he did beautifully.

Dominic was SO Excited about this that he got the dogs all riled up and then we shot this video waiting for Jonny and Hannah to get here.

Here are some random pictures of the beauty that is literally 4 blocks from my house.



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