Sunday, January 7, 2018

Earning Money... day 1

We kicked off our "chores for dimes" project today.  Here's how it went.

This morning I asked Dominic if he'd like to pick up dog poop for some money that he could save to buy toys with.   He commenced with this:

When  he came in, he excitedly asked me for TOYS. I gave him thirty cents.  We took it to the toy bins... nothing is less than $2.  I told him to get his piggy bank and take everything out.  We counted.  There was $17 in the pig.  I told him he could buy a toy with that if he wanted.  He didn't.  He wants to save that money.  He then got his shoes on and  said loudly "SHOPPING"... Sorry kiddo, you only have 30 cents...

He then went to the chore chart, in the dining room and pointed.  Yes. He picked the one weighted heaviest.  Fifty cents for washing the windows and mirrors.  This happened:

He did a passable job, then washed the dishes, picked up poop again and helped me clean the duck pond.  He ended up earning $2.  But he wants a more expensive toy... so he is holding out until tomorrow.

I'm so surprised on a couple of counts
1.  That he's not going for instant gratification
2. That he didn't cheat and spend his piggy bank
3. That he did all the things!!! I mean really, I had to supervise significantly, but he did all the things!!! I'm exhausted

Tomorrow he will have the opportunity to earn up to a dollar working during OT, and i'm betting he'll do a few chores too. 

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