Thursday, February 1, 2018

Holy handwriting Batman!!!!!

Dominic‘s second home based occupational therapy appointment of the week is always his fine motor appointment. I told this therapist when she started in December that Dominic needs a signature, and that I want him to learn how to have a cursive signature. To her credit she did not look terrified like everyone else I have said this to over the last few years has.

They have been working on this using a highlighter and having Dominic to trace the cursive that was already written and highlighter. Well yesterday Miss Alyssa brought over those old-fashioned worksheets that have the dotted line in the arrow showing you how to use cursive.

He did a wonderful job of independently using a pen and tracing those dotted lines. So then we asked him to do his signature in cursive on the bottom line they did not already have his name in dotted lines. What is so interesting to me about this is he started by printing his name then he went back and attached the letters together and what looks like cursive. That was such a giant cognitive Leap that we were slack-jawed.

Then We turned his piece of paper over and asked him to write his name in cursive. Actually we asked him to do it twice, this first time I caught the video roughly halfway into it and he did better than he had the second time. The for a child who technically still can’t print on a regular sized lined piece of paper is rather remarkable.  

And here’s the third video

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