Monday, February 26, 2018

Scrambled eggs

Dominic's breakfast *for years* has been 3 hard fried eggs and a  bowl of oatmeal with dried fruit and honey in it.  A week or so ago, I offered him scrambled eggs because Rod and I were having them and I didn't want to do his fried ones separately. He was a total fan. It might have had something to do with the manchego cheese, which since it is made from sheeps milk doesn't trigger his dairy sensitivity.

Then the following Monday, he and his OT Miss Alyssa made egg cups, with sausage, broccoli and beaten eggs in muffin tins.  We use these as grab and go breakfasts.  There was extra egg mix so for dinner that evening I had him (because he'd been cooking anyway) just scramble what was left and eat it. He LOVED it.  To the point that he's been asking for scrambled eggs quite often.

ANd not just for breakfast.

Yesterday at 3:40 he asked for scrambled eggs, so i told him he could make some if he wanted to.  It still takes a good bit of verbal cueing to accomplish this sort of task, and I wanted to give you all an idea what that looks like.  And for the record, I am calling this successful because of the desire + focus + attendance to task + follow through.  And there were some funny asides, too.

Video 1 - my comment here is for those of you who've never cracked a duck egg before.  You really do have to hit it that hard, the shells are super thick compared to chicken eggs from the store.  To the point that if he ever does need to crack a store bought chicken egg, there's going to be egg everywhere. 

Video 2 - He was struggling to locate a whisk here and attempted whisking with assorted other tools before he got squared away.  The other voice you hear in the background is our roommate, Tim.

video 3 - This made me laugh when he decided that the rice steamer needed a towel.  I love his incredible focus on grating that manchego cheese, and how careful he was with the grater. I'm so glad i don't have a box grater because i'm sure he would grate his knuckles on one of those.

So the next thing I will be doing is fading myself and the verbal cues out.  Given what I know, that will be a slow process.  But for now - we are calling this a win.  And since my focus is on creating an independent human being - Being able to fix and feed himself a hot meal is a HUGE WIN!

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