Sunday, June 17, 2018

Renaissance faire and incredibles 2

We decided to have a Family Play day yesterday.  We went to breakfast, the Renaissance faire (opening weekend!) and to see the Incredibles 2.

We started at our favorite little breakfast diner, Gunther Toody's.  Dominic ate his breakfast, demonstrated good knife skills for the first time ever, then ate 2/3 of my breakfast and half of Daddy's.

Then we made our way up the road to the Renaissance faire's opening day and spent about 4 hours wandering around...

family selfie!

Elephant on his arm

all done.  He washed it off when he went to the bathroom a few hours later.... 

Happiness is riding an elephant

annual cuddle with the crane....

And of course, riding the Camel

Petting zoo... the Zebu's are tiny cows with shoulder humps.  

annual fountain pic....

So we came home and cooled off for a little bit then headed to the movies.  Dominic has been anxiously awaiting Incredibles 2 for MONTHS and he LOVED it. He loved it so much that after we got home and i was putting him to bed, he INITIATED a conversation. I got him to do it again for the camera, but guys... HE INITIATED  IT!!!!

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