Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Documenting Bemer # 2

Dominic - without asking - made himself a lemonade electrolyte drink to go with his lunch.  They are in the supplement Cubbard so totally out of sight. 

And he is verbal stimming like mad right now.  I am so hoping it’s the precursor to more speech attempts.   

He was very verbal about being very grossed out by Kumar’s drooling In the car  on the way to the groomer ....

During evening occupational therapy today, Dominic cut their entire dinner. He made smothered chicken thighs, green beans, and gluten-free pasta. All of those things he made in under 45 minutes with Alex. He then was able to do all of the putting food into the oven, all of the Pasta water draining, etc. without requiring oven mitts. This is significant because he has been terrified of the oven and pans and has wanted to be fully loved up even to come within a few inches of the stove. Big change.

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