Monday, September 17, 2018

Epic Mic Drop - a review of 'How to End the Autism Epidemic'

Just when you think that you know all there is to know about the rise in Autism diagnoses, the underlying issues behind it, the politics of the Vaccine court, and whats coming – JB Handley comes out with a book that turns your knowledge on its head.  I was given the opportunity to read a review copy of  ‘How to End the Autism Epidemic’ a few weeks ago, and I spent labor day doing just that.  It is riveting, and from someone who lives it day in and day out, that’s huge. I normally steer away from this kind of book because it causes overload.

JB’s sentence in the introduction is really his purpose for the book; “I know that autism is preventable and recoverable, but we’ll never end this epidemic until we reckon with the lies and obfuscation that enable it”. This book shines a light on those lies that we keep hearing, and anyone who reads it with even a sliver of an open mind will come away from its reading with a far broader understanding of how we got to this situation and what we have to do to move on.

The lies we have all been told that JB discusses and with evidence discards in section one include:
-        Autism has always been there, we just called it something else
-        The Science is Settled
-        Media, Big Pharma, and the CDC are trustable and ethical

In the second section, now that we’ve put to rest the lies above, JB gets into the flurry of biological studies that have been published in peer reviewed publications since 2004.  These studies, when taken together as a big picture, show that we know, and HAVE KNOWN since at least that early that its an “immune activation event” in the brain that causes autism.  (And after all, isn’t “immune activation” the whole point of vaccines???).   JB presents the *on record* testimony of multiple, well respected, vaccine scientists who work for the government in speaking at vaccine court trials.  This was the biggest revelation for me – They knew.  They knew from BEFORE Dominic regressed.  He didn’t have to regress.   I was very angry when I finished this section. 

There is a legal battle happening right now, in civil court, which JB spends a goods amount of time discussing.  It may change everything because those experts above – they testified FOR the injured child.   And the government knows it.

JB wraps the book up with a plan to help recover these kids. He offers a roadmap that I, as someone who has lived recovery work for a decade now, agree with wholeheartedly.  Oh, and for the record – he isn’t antivaccine. He’s pro-safety.  The conclusion of his book recommends esentially keeping the vaccine schedule that was in place  before 1986 (the year that pharmaceutical industries had all liability for vaccine injury removed)

JB and I are friends in the way that only parents who have lived in a similar  hell can be.  Our boys actually seem pretty similar, they have both used the same tools in recovery.   A few times a year, JB and I compare notes and generally realize that we are doing the same thing again.   I am very proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with JB, and the plethora of other parents who KNOW what we saw in our kids and are working hard  to both give our kids the chance to have lives AND make sure that other kids don't have to go through this too. .   

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