Friday, April 25, 2008

April 23

I just got our pediatrician to give us a 'script for speech and occupational therapy evaluations and sessions. I had already done the insurance preauthorization w/the place we want to go, and was only needing the formal 'script. The appointment with them is on May 27. Doc did say he's not thinking autism, he agrees with me and is thinking speech delay due to the stress of starting school and maybe a little sensory integration stuff. He was not panicked, and doesn't want to see us until 6-8 weeks or so into ST and OT. Still waiting to hear back from the school district for their evaluation window on him. And tomorrow is the hearing test.

Dominic was so overtired and bored at the doc's he had a complete meltdown. We waited for the doc for 45 minutes after our appointment time, which i suspected would happen becuase Dr M likes appts of this nature at the end of the day so he can spend plenty of time on them. i couldn't get him calmed down to eat until I made tater tots which he is now eating in the tub. He's gained 6lbs since early March when we were in for the flu.

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