Friday, April 25, 2008

April 24

well, that was interesting. Dominic did far better than yesterday's appointment - I was very pleased with his behavoir. The hearing test itself consisted of the usual box, but instead of having him wear a headset and push the button when he heard a sound, on Audiologist sat in the box with him (he was on my lap for this) and played with him to hold his focus. The other audiologist piped the sounds thru speakers on either corner of the box. When he looked at the right speaker, a toy lit up and danced around. He was fascinated.

Anyway, from this behavior response "test" they think that he "may" have a mild loss in the higher frequencies, more on the left ear than the right.. Obviously, from this kind of test they cannot be at all sure, so they are recommending what is called a 'Sedated ABR', or Auditory brainstem evoked response test. This would be done in the hospital, and he would be sedated for the 2+ hours it takes. They, at my request, are contacting our pediatrician to discuss prior to ordering the test. They also want a CAT scan of his skull to check for something called Enlarged Vestibular Aquaduct, which is a genetic bone deformity that causes progressive hearing loss. nothing can be done about it, but its one of those things that you want to know about because head trauma should be avoided if it exists (ie, no playing football.) Apparently if there is head trauma with this bone deformity issue, kids go from okay to really quite deaf almost immediately. she doubts he has it based on our family history, but wants to check.

So. If the ABR shows a hearing loss like the behavior test indicates, they'll recommend hearing aids. Neither Rod or I think we'll be able to keep them on his head at this age, so that might have wait a little while. The ABR has to be done in the hospital, since there's a sedative involved, and we do not know yet when that will be since they want to talk to the pediatrician first. i'm guessing its a few weeks out. Its gong to be a Very Bad DAy - its a light sedative, so they want him sleep deprived when we arrive so it works. (lovely) He's also not allowed to eat or drink anything for at least 4 hours before. (double lovely. ugh)

For what its worth, he was chatting up a storm with the two audiologists today. all garbled, as has been the pattern lately, and they both said that his speech pattern issues do not sound like they are the result of hearing loss. A hearing loss speech delay would sound mushy, and his garbles are quite clear.

so, more waiting game now. I have not gotten confirmation that the school district has in hand the paperwork I submitted a week ago, so i've left them a message. We need to get on their calendar for evaluation. Next official appointment is the private Eval, but I suspect the sedated ABR / CAT scan will come first, along with a followup appointment with the Nurse prac at the Hearing office (its a full 3 months to see the Dr. there, so the audiologists were thinking that the nurse prac would be able to explain results to us)

fun stuff.

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