Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28

Misc. updates, just to keep track of the little stuff

We took a pot of soup over to a friend who just had a baby yesterday. She has boys ages 2 and 4 who Dominic played well with last fall. He would not interact at all with them. He sat on the couch and pouted the whole time. He had no interest at all in playing.

Talked w/Christie, the herbalist friend of mine who helped so much when Dominic had a horrid yeast infection about a year ago. She can do something called muscle testing to check for allergies – which will be faster than an elimination diet. We’re going to try to connect sometime this week. There are also some herbs that can help kids focus and cut down on ‘mind chatter’. She’s also tasked me with started a food journal of everything that passes his lips. Yeah. That might have to wait until I’m back from Houston this weekend. Her example was her daughter (now 19) had a sensitivity to eggs and peanuts but only in combination – she could have either, but as long as she didn’t have them within a day or so of each other she was fine. Peanut butter one day and eggs the next and her behavior was out of control for 3 days. Its going to take a few weeks of food journaling to pin that sort of sensitivity down.

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