Monday, April 28, 2008

More misc / 4-28

4 days with no school in a row (Friday was a teacher in service day and today was a weird schedule day so we didn't have either of us available at the pickup time - he went to work with Rod instead) and when I came home from work, Dominic came running up the stairs saying HI MOMMY. then he babbled. And this evening, he had an AMAZING time playing with a large empty microwave box (ours died, got a new one this weekend adn the box is gigantic) - he hid in it, then he locked the dog in it, then he put them both in it. Rinse, repeat. And he giggled madly the entire time. This is not an unhappy kid

We've decided to just pull him out of preschool and starting back again in the fall, requesting a different classroom. The only drawback to a different classroom is that the one he's in right now is the only one with in-room small person bathrooms. The other classroom, he'd be across the hall. So we'll have to work REALLY hard this summer on him going to the bathroom without wanting an audience.

Tomorrow I'll be calling the school to find out if we can either get a refund on May's tuition that we already paid, or get it applied to next year. We'll see what they say. Even if they say No, I rather expect we'll pull him out anyway. General consensus among those we've talked to is that the classroom / teacher / whatever is toxic for him right now.

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