Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OT and ST update - 7-8-08

Dominic LOVES occupational therapy. Some of the things she's doing with him are:
Playing in a pit of balls (for the deep proprioceptive pressure)
Playing with a large bin of beans, scoops, pitchers, etc (again for proprioceptive pressure)
spinning while laying down
Laying on his tummy on a wheeled board and pulling himself up a ramp with his arms (then sliding down the ramp face first, which he LOVED)

Things that she wants us to do include finding a ball pit for him to play in (guess that means we have to go to mcdonalds occasionally now), work on SEATED activities (if we can get him a bowl of beans to sit with and play with, or a simple 6-8 piece puzzle, or coloring), she really wants him to focus on building up to 5-10min of seated activities. Right now he HAS to be moving. She also suggested tactile stuff - playing with shaving cream or pudding or in mud. Getting messy - the messier the better. (that didn't go over well w/Rod). We're still doing the brushing 4+ times per day. I asked the OT where she would put him on a sensory scale, compared to her clientelle, and she puts him at moderate to severe because of his inability to follow direction without added tactile contact/instruction.

Speech therapy seems to be hit or miss. Julie, his therapist said that last week he did great. This week she could barely get his attention, much less get him to talk. So we need to work on sitting and doing labeling activities, naming things in books, or puzzles. I may need to go buy him a Mr. Potato head. Thats one of the speech therapy tools, interestingly enough.

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