Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And we have ruled out Hearing

We saw Dr Shaw this afternoon. Had a bit of a wait at his office, but once we got him in the little room, we really liked him. I completely understand why he is THE ear doc for kids. Very personable. Dominic actually let him look in his ears without freaking out, which is a HUGE deal.

Anyway, the ABR showed MAYBE a mild loss in the left ear- which we already knew - but he saw no fluid, and nothing to indicate that either tubes or hearing aids would be at all helpful. He does want us back every 4 months for a team audiogram (the behavioral tone test we did in April) to see if we can chart an accurate hearing curve for him, and to watch to see if a loss does develop. So we'll go back in November-ish.

He asked if we'd seen a neurologist, and was pleased to know that we're having an MRI in the 18th. he'd a like a copy.

He did suggest that perhaps we should look at the developmental disorders - ie autism - which is frustrating because of the number of professional types who have said with Dominic's interaction and eye contact and ability to communicate his needs that this isn't autism. Then he qualified that suggestion by saying that when his wife was living in Europe that a neighbor kid had a round of ear infections, stopped talking, and ended up with an autism dx. He's an ear doc, not a developmental pediatrician.

so we've definately ruled out hearing as causal for the speech regression and sensory issues. We will continue to watch him for the development of a hearing loss, but no action is being recommended at this time.

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