Tuesday, July 8, 2008

thoughts on school for 2008-2009

Still haven't decided what to do about school starting in the fall, but have decided that we won't be going back to Buena Vista. We both still think that there was something traumatic that happened in the classroom there. And its a bit of a drive.

We're going to wait until we get the MRI results (late July/Early August) and then get back in touch with the school to make formal arrangements, but will probably go ahead and go to the preschool program run by CPCD (community partnership for child development) at Longfellow elementary which is no more than 5minutes from our house. Much more convenient. no idea what their hours are, etc, but thats what we're leaning towards. Bonus is that it'll be free since he's got an IEP, and we've got some money we'll get back from the school district

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