Tuesday, August 26, 2008

teacher home visit

Our home visit with Dominics teacher was yesterday. She came in, sat at the dining room table with Rod and I, and we talked for an hour. We both really felt better after our conversation. She really put us at ease.

Some tidbits

we did history of Dominic's experience at BV, and from a teachers perspective, she suggested that the whole having him start right at age 3, interrupting an established class, etc, could very well have added to his dismay. she expects all her 3 year olds to have a rough first week or so as they get used to the new routine. She had one last year that cried for 2 hours straight. The first few weeks of school that doesn't really interrupt her class plans, whereas it could later in the year. Made sense to us.

She pointed out they WANT him in class, whereas at BV we didn't even meet the teacher before dominics first day, and she sort of was the recieving end of a new policy by the priniciple to start kids as early as possible.

We went over his likes and dislikes, strengths and fears. she took notes.

She did get to hear some of Dominic's babbling, as well as him speak a completely clear sentance (mommy, watch a movie), so she got a good impression of that. He also took himself to the bathroom while she was over, so she knows he can do that.

anyway, today is his first day - fun fun

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