Thursday, August 28, 2008

And we’re off to a pretty good start with preschool, I think.

- Both days he’s gone to the bathroom for the teachers at school at least once. This is huge, as he’s super shy about using the bathroom for anyone other than Mom/Dad.
- Both days, he’s been happy to see me when we got there, but independently said “byebye” to the teacher. Well, in honestly, he grabbed my hand and went walking out while saying byebye.
- Neither day has involved tears at the drop off.

I am on the impressed side right now with the communication at CPCD. Specifically, on Monday during our Teacher home visit, we told his teacher that Dominic gets private speech therapy on Tuesday mornings, so if the school ST could be some other day we would appreciate it. Tuesday, he brought home an introductory letter from his speech therapist with a phone number and I called and left a message. Wednesday, she called me back, and let me know that Lori had advised her about the private speech therapy being on Tuesdays, and that as a result she would schedule his school therapy for Friday. We chatted for a bit about the history behind his speech regression, and she mentioned that she had a set of pictures on a ring to help him start using verbs (most of his independent words are nouns right now) that she’d give us. She sounds very nice and on top of things.

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Jen said...

Hi Joy -- I'm Sk8rgrrl from the T-Tapp forums. I hope you don't mind me checking in here, but I've been curious to see how your son was doing with all of these new things happening with school, therapy, etc.

Home visits are totally normal. One of the reasons is that they like to see how the kids relate in their home environment, since often they act much different in a school or clinical setting. I have other guesses on why they do the home visits, too, but they're just my opinions....

I hope and pray that Dominic really flourishes with all of your efforts. It is hard and seems, sometimes, like such slow progress, but I can tell you--from personal experience--that it is an amazing journey. I wish the best for your family!!