Monday, September 1, 2008

found a Turtle.... in the yard???

This morning I was looking out the back wincow and saw a turtle.
Really? A turtle? Outside in Colorado? Right.

Nope, it was a turtle - a little box turtle with orange polka dots on its legs. On the patio:

Shanti decided to get to know it some. I think he wants to eat it.

We decided it MUST be a pet of a neighbor, that escaped (tho really, an escapee turtle? they're not exactly known for their swiftness), into our backyard (hoping he squeezed under the fence, just can't see him climbing a 6ft chain link fence...). So we decided to take him around to the neighbors and see if anyone had lost him. It feels sort of ridiculous to randomly ask someone who you know ONLY in passing "Have you lost a Turtle today". We got some funny looks. And a Lot of NO's.

So we came home and stuck it in the bathroom to protect it from the scary attack poodle. Dominic is fascinated with it from a distance:

I put him on craigslist, free. someone is supposed to come get him ANY second.

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