Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And We're off. Updates on the Plan.

Step 1 - get all the testing done.
status: All the tests we left with are complete. There's one more being drop shipped to us that has not arrived.

Step 2 - call the school nurse to discuss snacks and play doh
status: DONE - left message and gave packet of paperwork to the teacher for interoffice mail.

Step 3 - Call the doc's office for a primer on giving b12 injections and a followup on all the testing
status: DONE

Step 4 - Start supplements:
status: DONE.

Step 5 - Start diet at home and at school
Status: DAiry free started today


We also got the B12 training today. Dominic adores this doctor, he went and gave him a hug as soon as we got there. Of course, the only pharmacy in town that makes the B12 injection kits for this doc does not have a contract w/our insurance. so we'll be paying out of pocket. $42 a month. Fun.

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